What partners said

“We are extremely pleased with our new PARMI Xceed AOI system and the post-sale support from PARMI (and Horizon). It has provided a nice balance of flexible software, ease of programming and efficient processing of PCB assemblies. Most importantly, it has helped the Pine Electronics team provide our customers with high quality products and flexibility in our manufacturing process.” Brian Montgomery of Pine Electronics

“Our PARMI SPI machine is proving its worth. Before the purchase, we had boards that would experience shorts in the connection, and that problem has now disappeared thanks to PARMI.” Jean Danger of Kimchuk, Inc

“With PARMI, it is not just the technology, not just the people, but the total sum of the entire package. With every step we took, PARMI filled a void and lined us up for success.” Eric Krone of Phoenix United

“I would describe PARMI’s products and service as ‘phenomenal.’ They have provided us with a personal touch that other companies have not.” Tom Pergolizzi of Curtis Instruments